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Testimonials from those who have been to a TBE ....

“When I arrived here this morning and saw those motorbikes, I nearly turned around and went home, it was quite terrifying, I was just ‘OH NO!’.The first time sitting back on a bike and going - TERRIFYING, and then I went off in a mad direction. If someone had asked me six months ago: Can you ever get back on a motorbike? I would have said NO. But now I know I can, it’s fine, it’s easy, and if I can ride a motorbike I can fly, and suddenly there’s a whole world out there I can go and do. That’s why I’m pleased, because it has given me some life back.”


(Client has left arm brachial plexus injury - no use of the left arm)

Hi Talan. Today was quite simply FANTASTIC! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and surpassed what I thought I was capable of on my first time back on a bike. Learned loads from Will, he was great and the all the volunteers were very generous with their time and assistance. It’s hard to put it into words, but, I’m smiling inside and out! Thank you.

(Client is paraplegic)

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