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Rider Information 

Rider Information attending ‘The Bike Experience’ instructional event.

Riders please arrive by 10am.  This allows time to get geared up and ready for instruction, which will begin by 10.30am. The day will finish at approximately 2.30pm. 

Depending on your experience of riding a motorcycle and/or time off a bike, we will use an Aprilia Mana (850cc twin with tiptronic gearing) or the Honda Varadero 125cc, which has static landing gear which can be lowered and locked into place, therefore the rider cannot tip over.  The auto bike allows the rider to focus on riding rather than trying to change gear.  From assessment on the progression of the rider and time available, there may be the option of moving onto a geared mid-size motorcycle.  

Depending on you own particular requirements for support, we ask that each rider brings up to two able-bodied helpers.  These will be used to assist you to get changed, as well as the launching and catching process. They must be physically capable of being able to assist with getting you on the bike, as well as holding the bike with a you on it.  They will also help you to get into leathers and keep you hydrated throughout the day and then drive you home! Note, the Bike Experience also arranges for volunteers to come from the various motorcycling forums that want to help, and often we have enough to mean the helpers you bring will be able to watch and support rather than be used as Launch Crew.  However, if you want your own helpers to act as Launch Crew please advise the Bike Experience so we can manage the numbers of volunteers.


We would ask the rider to bring their own motorcycle kit or arrange to borrow it in advance.  This means that the motorcycle kit will actually fit the rider.  If this is not possible, motorcycle leathers, gloves, boots and helmet can be provided by Bike Experience.  We cannot give a 100% guarantee that we will have your size.  If bringing own motorcycle leathers these must be one piece, or if two-piece they must have a full zip around.  We are able to provide helmets for the riders. 

NOTE - due to our insurance, we CANNOT allow the rider to wear textiles, or ankle boots. We have your safety in mind and want you to remain healthy.

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