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Adapted Motorcycles

There are a number of different adapted motorcycles for use by those attending an event. The instructors assess the riders and then allocate them to the right bike for that person.


To change gear, some of the bikes have a Kliktronic system. This is an electronic gear shifter which is operated by buttons on the handlebars. The system can be easily added or removed to any bike without the need for lengthy conversion or modifications to the machine. It can also be disconnected in a matter of minutes to allow use of the gear lever with a foot, thereby making the bikes useable by those who can or cannot operate the foot gear lever.


For those who have never ridden or those how are worried, we have the adapted Varadero. This is a 125cc bike with 'anti-tip gear'. The mechanism under the bike is linked to the suspension and remains a set distance above the ground, no matter who sits on the bike. It is there to prevent the bike from falling over should the rider stop or stall the bike without having the launch crew holding the bike. 

TBEX - 12 Aug 2015 - 024.JPG

An alternative to a geared bike is the fully auto Mana. This is an 850cc motorcycle with a fully auto gearbox. The charity has two such bikes and has converted one of them to have the controls on the left hand side of the handlebars. If the rider only has the use of one arm, no matter which one it is, they can ride the Mana.

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