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Season Information

2024 Instructional Events

All events at SILVERSTONE Old Copse Runway

7 and 8 May

11 and 12 June

25 and 26 June

24 and 25 Sep

Please contact Talan ( if you would like to book on for the instructional dates.

2023 Instructional Events  

2023 had seven instuctional dates, six at Silverstone and one at RAF ODIHAM.

Information on Instructional Events

We are able to have three New Riders at the Silverstone events and two Returning Riders. A 'returning rider' is someone who has been more than two times to the TBE. This CATEGORY will begin from 2023 as there has been a long delay since the last visit. After two visits, any returning rider will need to source their own bike, equipment and helpers. This is because we have had to scale down on the equipment the charity owns and operates. We still have the two Mana's and Varadero, but that is it for the moment.

In order to book you will need to email Talan on ( do not leave a message here and expect to get booked on, it will not happen. You will receive a reply to your email saying you are booked on. Put down the dates you would like to come with preferences of first and second choices. If you are a returning rider and have all the kit already, please include that in your email.

It is truly exciting to be up and running again.


Anyone wishing to be considered for the regular Launch Crew please email Talan as well. We would like to have, as previous years have proved, a core group that can work well together. There will also be volunteers that come on certain days, but we are looking for people to come to each event to support Talan and Dan who have been working to keep the charity alive.

We do not charge you to attend, but it costs the charity about £3000 per event to host. So if you had an enjoyable event and would like to make a donation to the charity, we greatly appreciate all donations. 


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